Dyslexic symptoms are caused by neurodevelopment problems.

If you take an MRI brain scan of someone, you can see if they have dyslexia.

These differences cause poor working memory and slow processing. They also cause all of the other symptoms of dyslexia.


A neurodevelopment therapy addresses these problems.

The therapy should involve diet, supplements, exercises, and computer programs. It should address the cerebellum and other parts of the brain.

Your cerebellum needs to be equal on both sides of the brain. Otherwise you cannot accurately do movements that involve both sides of your body. E.g., you won't be able to precisely control your eye movements, which you need for fluent reading.

When looking for a therapist, find someone who treats all of the development disorders. ASD, ADHD, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia, as these neurodevelopment differences are not unique to dyslexia.

Brain Training

Brain training games help with memory and processing speed. They work best after, or as part of, neurodevelopment therapy.



60% of the brain is made of fat. Roughly 20% of that fat should be omega 3.

Your brain grows rapidly until you're 16 years old. So taking an omega supplement is very important during childhood.

It is virtually impossible for a growing child to get enough omega from diet alone. So we recommend taking a high quality omega supplement. Vegepa is brilliant because it only contains EPA.

Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B and Vitamin D

These are the next most important supplements to take to improve brain health and cognitive function.

We recommend a high quality supplement like Neurobalance

An easy way to take magnesium is Epsom Bath Salts.


If you can't digest gluten and dairy properly, then eating them can cause all sorts of problems.

Undigested peptides from gluten and dairy can bind to the opiate receptors to the brain. This causes a morphine like high!

If your child has a lot of attention difficulties, or if they are better some days than others, you should investigate diet as a possible cause.

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