Why Dyslexia Gold will work for your school

Goes Beyond Phonics

Vision problems and poor phonological awareness cause children to struggle.

Our unique programs focus on these problems so children learn to read fluently.

Evidence Based

On average reading improves by 12 months in a term.

Gets stunning results for even the very weakest pupils.

Home or School

Children work independently for 10 minutes a day, at home or at school. The programs are online and intuitive to use.

Clear Reports

Reading Age Tests show progress. Pupils are quick to set up and easy to monitor. No training is required.

Suitable for all ages

Dyslexia Gold's programs are age neutral, making them suitable for both primary and secondary schools.

What SENCOs are saying about Dyslexia Gold

"The Dyslexia Gold package is the single most important and effective program we run at school”
George Law

Down Hall Primary School
“I have never found another program that replicates what we would do in a specialist 1:1 intervention. This does. It's fun but very targeted.
Kate Bodle

St Mary's School
"Dyslexia Gold is like nothing I have used before and has shown vast improvements with a variety of age groups. With some children the age gap had hugely reduced, one child by 62 months in only two terms. Quite amazing!"
Dawn Hancock

Alsager Highfields Community Primary School

Why do Some Children Struggle To Read?

Some children can't see the letters and words on the page clearly, and they can't hear the individual sounds in words

This is why phonics by itself doesn't work for some children.

Pupils who skip words or lines, reverse letters, or can't remember what they've read, may have a vision problem caused by weak eye muscles. Their eyes don't focus on the same letter, so their brain receives two different images when they read.

They may also have poor phonological awareness, which means they can't hear individual sounds in words. They can't hear that goat contains 3 sounds: g-oa-t.

Dyslexia Gold's Reading Bundle addresses both these issues using fun games. Engaging Eyes, exercises the eye muscles, helping them work together and reduces eye movements. Fluency Builder develops auditory skills so they can hear the sounds in words. Once children can both see the letters and sound out the words, reading improves dramatically.

Our Results

Formal trials found that pupils reading improved by an average of 12 months in a single term. Spelling improved by 10½ months.

90% of pupils made at least 3 months progress, including the very poorest readers.

Dyslexia Gold is used in over 300 schools throughout the UK and is approved by the British Dyslexia Association and Dyslexia Action.

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