Dyslexia Screening Test


Discover why your child finds reading or spelling difficult and how you can help them.

The Dyslexia Gold Screening Test tests for key indicators of dyslexia. It is quick, easy to use, and can be played at home.

At the end of the test you will be emailed a comprehensive report outlining your child's weaknesses and how you can help.

Please be aware this is not a formal Dyslexia Assessment which must be carried out by a certified assessor.

"The screening test really helped me understand why Ella was struggling to read - and why she was struggling so much in class. Now I know how to help her."

Highly Recommended

Claire, Parent to Ella, aged 7

The Phonological Deficit

Most people with dyslexia have difficulty hearing the individual sounds in words.

They may have trouble with rhymes, or with hearing that 'goat' contains 3 sounds.

This problem is the key indicator of dyslexia.

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Phoneme Manipulation

Eye Tracking Problems

Eye Tracking

To read you need to be able to focus both eyes on the same letter, and then scan across the page.

Often children with reading problems have difficulty controlling their eye movements. This means that when they read, most of the time they are looking at the wrong letter.

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Slow Processing

How quickly your brain works.

People with dyslexia often have slow processing speed which means they may need longer to do tasks.

Especially they may need longer to think about things.

Processing Speed

Working Memory

Working Memory

How much information you can hold in your brain at once.

Poor working memory makes it hard to remember a sequence of instructions, or to do multi-step problems in your head.

Auditory Discrimination

The ability to distinguish sounds.

Can they hear the difference between words that sound similar. For example bet and vet.

Processing Speed

  • The Dyslexia Screening Test is suitable for children aged 6 - 15.
  • You do not need to be able to read.
  • Suitable for parents and teachers.
  • It takes 15 - 20 minutes and can be played on any PC, laptop, or tablet with sound. Supports Windows, Mac and Ipad IOS.