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Early Intervention

For ages 4 - 8

£ 18 per month
$ 24 per month
  • Reading Unlocked

  • Engaging Eyes

Catch Up Intervention

For ages 9 - 16

£ 24 per month
$ 32 per month
  • Fluency Builder

  • Engaging Eyes

  • Spelling Tutor

  • Times Table Tutor

Dyslexia Screener

For ages 6 - 16

£ 12
$ 16

Find out if your child has the key symptoms of Dyslexia and how you can help them

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Customer Reviews

Dramatic Improvements
by Irene Muego, SENCO, St Ninians Primary School

"My pupils enjoyed playing Engaging Eyes every day, and their reading has dramatically improved. After 6 weeks reading speed had improved by 25%."

Impressive Progress
by Tanya Costa, Year 5 Teacher, Whitehall Junior School

"Progress after using Fluency Builder has been impressive. Pupils played for 10 minutes a day. After 3 months their average reading age had improved by 25 months."