Improve your Child's Reading and Writing

Perfect for Homeschool

The no-prep lessons are designed to teach your child to read confidently, fluently and easily.

Dyslexia Gold removes the obstacles holding your child back.

Improves Reading

Every child is different, but reading age improves, on average, by 12 months.

In fact, 90% of struggling readers make at least 3 months progress in the first 3 months.

Easy to Use

Children work independently, requiring minimal supervision. The programs are online and easy to use.

Improves Key Skills

Eye Control, Phonological Awareness, Phonics & Vocabulary. Your child will gain ALL the skills needed to read.

For children aged 6-15

Dyslexia Gold's programs are suitable for ALL children, including those with dyslexia.

Why are we different?

Dyslexia Gold addresses the real reasons your child can't read.

Engaging Eyes addresses vision problems that cause your child to skip words and lines and confuse letters.

Fluency Builder improves phonological awareness. Your child needs good phonological awareness to be able to 'sound out' words when they read.

We help children read without having to memorize words. They learn using phonics (Orton-Gillingham) and will be able to read almost any word.

Suitable for ALL children

Dyslexia Gold is suitable for ALL struggling readers, including pupils who are very far behind.

We recommend Reading Unlocked for beginner or early readers.

Every child is different, so progress varies, but we often see a child's reading age improve by 12 months or more over 3 months.

Improve your Child's Reading

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Special low price for homeschoolers of $26 per month

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What homeschoolers are saying about Dyslexia Gold

“This is really an amazing program! I encourage you to consider this if you have a struggling learner.”

Jennifer D

Homeschool Mom

“Love, love, love this program. I’m so excited! My son has been playing your programs for three months now and he’s finally reading! He used to hate reading and really struggled. But, somehow, your programs are making reading easier for him. I can’t thank you enough.”

Sally K

Homeschool Mom

“Absolutely would recommend! Already seeing progress in our son's reading after only two months following this program.”

Melanie W

Homeschool Mom


Homeschool Pricing

Early Intervention

For ages 4 - 8

£ 18 £ 15 per month
$ 24 $ 18 per month
  • Reading Unlocked

  • Engaging Eyes

Catch Up Intervention

For ages 9 - 16

£ 24 £ 20 per month
$ 32 $ 26 per month
  • Fluency Builder

  • Engaging Eyes

  • Spelling Tutor

  • Times Table Tutor

Dyslexia Screener

For ages 6 - 16

£ 12 £ 10
$ 16 $ 13

Find out if your child has the key symptoms of Dyslexia and how you can help them

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